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Welcome to the ICEBIKE web site.
This web site is dedicated to the winter cyclists, who brave ice and snow and cycle for transportation, recreation, or competition in winter.

Photo Credit Michael Oryl MobilBurn.com
NO NO NO, Not like THIS?

This is the way!

Zakopane - Tatra Mountains - Poland (Credit: Piotr Chilecki)

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Who are the Winter Cyclists?

Most of us are just ordinary folks who get this addiction to bicycles that simply will not live within the bounds of a summer. Others just don't want to spend the cash for a car and all the costs that come with motor vehicles. Some of us have serious personal commitments to being car-free, other have temporary problems of liquidity, and others of us just like cycling way more than any rational person should

After the challenge of the first winter, icebiking takes on an air of normalcy, it becomes a practical and rational way to get out and enjoy the weather, and the trip.

. Its an addiction. Handling a bike on ice requires more skill than summer riding, and plowing through snow is very tiring. The rewards are the beauty of the scenery, the quiet of the road on a frosty night, and the crunch of crisp snow under your tire. Making the first track!

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Hakkin the Track
Dave McElwaine takes the HAKKAPELIITTA 300 studded tires for a run on the single track.
Photo credit Colt McElwaine.

Marysia Jaworska rides the Tatra Mountains - Poland

Where can I meet other ICEBIKERS?

Out on the road, or on the trails, riding across frozen lakes and rivers. You can also find out about the ICEBIKE mailing list, and subscribe to a moderate volume of ICEBIKE related chatter, which will give you something to read on those long winter nights. Its very quiet in the summer, but lively in the winter.

Bikes on Ice? You're Kidding, Right?

Maybe you just found this web site while looking for something else. If so about now you are wondering just how crazy these folks are. Plenty!

Contrary to popular opinion, the bicycle makes a fairly good winter vehicle. This is not to suggest that care can be thrown to the winds. But with proper skill and technique, the bike provides safe and reliable transportation. It always starts, regardless of how cold it is. There are studded tires that make the most wicked slick ice manageable. It is easy to find a parking space, and it never gets stuck in the snow. Well, almost never.

Much of winter cycling is done on roads that are bare, no ice anywhere. In these conditions, the only concern is the weather. If you would go skiing or play hockey in cold weather, then ICEBIKING is not very different. All it takes is the will, a reliable bike, dressing for the weather, getting out in the snow, and learning a few new bike handling skills.

The hardest part is the first 100 yards. Mother Nature is not your Enemy!

Whether commuting to work, or just out for a romp in the woods, you arrive feeling very alive, refreshed, and surrounded with the aura of a cycling god. You will be looked upon with the smile of respect by friends and co-workers. - - - Or was that the sneer of derision...no matter, ICEBIKING is a blast!

So come on in and explore this web site, and see if maybe you will be tempted to dig that trusty steed out of the basement, pump up the tires, and pump up your life.

Since 9/98.

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